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Partnership Proposal to Renasant Bank

How TotalPrint is different from Staples, Toshiba and NovaCopy?

  1. Specialize in remote monitoring and management of HP devices.
  2. More nimble and flexible (Renasant would be a top 10 major account).
  3. Replenish toner on days remaining, not % remaining.
  4. Routing label on each toner (ie Bob Ward, Mortgage Dept).
  5. As incumbent service provider for HP printers, service technicians already in place and familiarized.
  6. One CORRECT invoice each month with cost center codes for each device.
  7. One MPS scorecard each month to validate savings and track progress.
  8. Where's my toner? tracking for managed devices.

Advantages to having separate vendors for print and copy?

  1. Specialized vendors - You wouldn't want Diebold servicing your servers nor would you want Dell servicing your ATMs.
  2. Leverage - With two distinct vendors managing "pages", you can get a better pulse on market trends like hardware, software to reduce paper, and costs to manage a page.
  3. Refresh opportunities - Keep multiple vendors honest with hardware refreshes and expansion through acquisition.

Disadvantages to having separate vendors for print and copy?

  1. Additional vendor points of contact.
  2. Multiple invoices although TotalPrint will send just one invoice per month.
  3. Initial confusion with service desk personnel.


  • $50,000 per quarter* to manage HP printer fleet.

           *Based on assumption of monthly volume approximating 1.333M mono pages and 25K color pages.

  • All-inclusive warranty including replacement HP devices and at least a 5% annual refresh of HP devices.
  • Includes UNLIMITED black/white pages on existing HP devices.
  • Includes 25,000 color pages per month with color overages billed at $0.099.
  • SLA - 8 business hours on-site, 4 business hours phone triage.

 Simple Execution Plan

  1. Install PrintFleet Data Collection Agent (DCA).
  2. Map IP ranges to branch locations.
  3. Map cost center codes to each printer.
  4. "Big Bang" rollout to all ~130 branch locations on first day of any month.
  5. All "can't print" tickets funnel through Renasant help desk.
  6. Reactive service calls placed with TotalPrint in one of 3 ways: online form, email, or call 800.677.6464 option 2.

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